The Comacchio CX line of exploration drilling rigs includes four truck-mounted rigs that range from lightweight compact units installable on small 4×4 trucks, up to 30-tonnes-pull rigs mounted on heavy-duty 8×8 trucks.

The main advantage of this truck mounted version lies in the flexibility and mobility, allowing for fast rig-up, rig-down and re-deployment. These robust and reliable units are designed and built to tackle vast drilling campaigns, operating in remote areas and harsh environmental conditions.

Like all machines of the Comacchio CX line, our truck-mounted rigs can be used for both diamond core drilling with wireline systems and for reverse circulation drilling with down- the-hole hammer and dual wall pipes (RC drilling). This ability to perform multiple drilling techniques from the same rig is based on the use of advanced modular hydraulic circuits that allow for the installation of a wide range of rotary heads and application-specific accessories. In order to comply with the stringent safety regulation of the mining industry, Comacchio CXT drilling rigs can be equipped with hands-free automated and semi-automated tool handling systems that reduce manual handling of the equipment.